artist, writer, designer

& all around creative bitch

I was a social worker; but my trauma and need for an entrepreneurial lifestyle said

"nope" - so now I do whatever I want.

Another day, another project.



upcoming memoirs



A girl leaves the warm cocoon of a small town to the city of Toronto where she gets lost in rave land, drug addiction, prostitution, psych wards, intense failed relationships and multiple suicide attempts. The light in the pool is a real life coming-of-age story with a strengthened emphasis on exploring her forgotten spiritual inner world, the way she religiously did as a child while swimming in her grandparents pool talking secretly under water to the light in the pool like a diary. It isn't until she reaches her late 20s, after years living a stable, comfy life that she faces an unexpected family trigger that brings all her suppressed memories (and rage) to the surface and it takes several years to recover - truly recover. The Light in the Pool tells a story of searching for clarity and inner peace from sexual abuse, developmental trauma, addiction and codependency. A story capturing the power of disconnection from one's own body and remembering. She soon learns that things aren't what they seem in the family and town she left behind. 



Further down the rabbit hole she goes...A 20-something year old girl tries to make sense of childhood sexual abuse and how that trauma has shaped her views on men, society, relationships, pornography, monogamy and abandonment. During her experimental and unsober years, the disassociation from her body continues and she unknowingly reenacts her abuse and retrauamtizes herself in the process by transforming herself into an escort named Alice. She soon learns that everything Alice says is a facade: a mind-controlled performance, birthed in the sleazy corridors of molestation and a pornographic, beauty obsessed society designed to create a robotic understanding of what a woman should be. Packed with real-life accounts of motel living and hooker-for-hire lingo, this memoir tells a story of female rage, rebellion, self forgiveness and emotional healing. 

upcoming art books 



Glisten and Gloom: The sociological appeal of Hollywood through pop-culture inspired digital collage art is the first volume of digital collage art by Charlotte Penabel, that further gives meaning behind her artwork. Each image highlights different aspects of an addiction-like attraction to the sparkle and glitter of glamour, 

while simultaneously exposing the psychological, sociological impact that glamour, Hollywood, celebrity culture, beauty standards and fame have on our minds, self esteem and behaviours.